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Recipes, Handling Tips & More

Chicken (and poultry in general) is a versatile protein. Here we share some of our favourite recipes, handling tips, and articles on their health benefits etc. Bookmark us for updates!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

A classic Singaporean dish with local flavours infused in fresh chicken enjoyed with hot steaming rice! Full recipe in video and courtesy of Adam Liaw. Try using our Kampong Chicken for your dish for a slightly healthier take - buy it here >>

Orange Chicken

This American-Chinese staple take-out dish is easy to make with fresh chicken and citrus flavours. Full recipe in video above, courtesy of Tasty, Buzzfeed.

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Chicken Drumsticks

A classic recipe, that uses Chicken Legs and a seasoned batter - to provide you with a crispy and yummy treat! Full recipe in video above, courtesy Kdeb Cooking.

Chicken Meal-Prep

Use this easy and tasty recipe to make a convenient meal prep over the weekend - with added nutrition! Full recipe in video above, courtesy of Tasty, Buzzfeed.

Braised Duck

Enjoy a simple and traditional Teochew braised duck recipe that hails from the Chaozhou Province of People’s Republic of China. Full recipe in video above, courtesy of ICANCOOK. Try using our whole duck for your dish - buy it here >>

How to debone a whole chicken

Deboning a chicken is a useful skill and not really as difficult as it sounds. Here's one of our favourite video, with a step by step guide on how to debone a chicken easily!